The Crossover Project

crossover_photoMitch and Rozalie Jerome have been producing a 30 minute TV program focusing on healing relationships between Jews, Christians and their God for over 13 years.

From a little corner in Kingwood, upstairs in The Nathaniel Center lies a studio where Rabbis, Pastors, Bible Scholars, Holocaust survivors, authors, politicians, White House correspondents and more have been regularly interviewed and broadcast worldwide.

The program, The Crossover, airs in English on Cornerstone Network throughout the United States and Taiwan, in Spanish to half a billion homes in South and Central America on JBN Network and in Russian on TBN’s three¬†satellites¬†to 115 countries.

Visit their website for more information and know that they are available to minister to your church, prayer or bible study group on The Biblical Feasts, The Hebraic Roots of Christianity, Israel Today and so much more.